My Best Dress Up Yet Picture Book Illustrations

In early 2022, I was honored to be asked by Author Mya Payne to develop the artwork for her debut children’s picture book, My Best Dress Up Yet. This book is also my debut in children’s picture book illustration.

Picture Book Illustration Process

Mya first provided her manuscript, then gave me freedom to explore textures and vibrant colors as we developed the characters and their world. Next, I provided a series of rough thumbnail sketches with descriptions of how the story would flow along with the illustrations. Then I progressed to final sketches, color blocking and the final rendering of the illustrations. This 28-page picture book features a mix of spot illustrations, vignettes, full-page and full-spread illustrations.

In addition to the illustrations, I designed the book cover as well as the layout and typesetting on all pages. Throughout our time working together, I helped guide the author through the process of self-publishing her first children’s picture book through Amazon KDP.

The book was produced using an Apple iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, Adobe Fresco, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign.

Book Synopsis:

Dressing up at playtime makes for exciting adventures, but can a costume really hide who you are deep inside? My Best Dress Up Yet is perfect for reminding kids everywhere just who they are beneath it all.

Published on August 8, 2022.

What I Did

  • • Self-published picture book illustrations
  • • Character design
  • • Children's picture book cover illustration
  • • Picture book design, typography and layout