American Red Cross Winter Babysitting Training Campaign

In Winter 2013, the American Red Cross asked me to design a series of holiday and winter-themed materials for a new Babysitting Training campaign. We aimed for a youthful look & feel with winter imagery appealing to teens.

The flyers were provided to schools and the web advertisements would be posted on school websites to help promote the campaign. The end goal was to have more teenagers register for Babysitting Training during their holiday break.

Using the new Red Cross brand guidelines as a framework, I developed two flyers that were both youthful and engaging. In the winter-themed flyer, I incorporated object photography with a photo and handwriting. I photographed a cup of hot cocoa with scattered marshmallows for a more dynamic composition. Using my own carefully drafted handwriting for the headline added youthful appeal. The design was carried over into ad spots for the Red Cross website and into web ads for schools across the country to use in promoting the Babysitting Training course.

We did

  • Print Design
  • Photography
  • Web advertisements
  • Hand lettering