Hansel and Gretel Book Cover

This Hansel and Gretel book cover illustration was created as one of my entries in the Instagram drawing challenge, #vintagebookweek23 (follow me @mvjonesdesign). The challenge was open to the Instagram community and prompted artists to redraw a selection of vintage book covers in their own style. One of the book covers was of the tale, Hansel and Gretel by Jacob Ludwig Carl Grimm and Wilhelm Grimm which was illustrated by Felicitas Kuhn.

In my redraw, I wanted to stay true to Kuhn’s original composition while adapting the art in my style. I also used blackletter-style lettering for the book title’s lettering to give it a more eerie, gothic look.

This illustration was producted digitally using Apple iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, Bardot Brushes and Procreate.

What I Did

  • • Rough Sketch
  • • Digital Illustration